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wickedchouette's Journal

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userinfo by angelalpev
Welcome to my icon community! I'm pretty new at this, so bear with me for a while until I get on my feet.
There... aren't any, really. This is just an icon comm. Still, some things to keep in mind:
- Credit is awesome, but I won't come at you with the full force if my internet rage if you don't. I know it can be pretty easy to lose credits, especially if you save icons in batches, so it's understandable if you take something if mine and forget to note who made it. That said, don't claim my icons as yours. Seriously, why would you want to do that?
- Like crediting, commenting is appreciated but not strictly required. You don't have to ask permission to take these icons or anything-- I wouldn't be putting them out there if I minded-- but it's always nice to hear what people think!
- Edit these all you like-- I don't care if you want to use them as bases! I don't use text or fancy filters or anything like that, but that doesn't mean you can't!
- You can join or watch the community, but it's not required. Nothing will be members-locked.
Screencapping. Cropping. Online image resizers. Seriously, that's it. Any awesome coloring is done by the person who made the original image (and if it came from a specific person or website, I asked permission to use their work if applicable, and will link to them at end of relevant posts!). They're the talented ones, not me.

The name for this icon journal is shamelessly borrowed from the slogan from some t-shirts made by my university's French Club. I thought it was clever!